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​Our humble beginning started in 1999, the year our father, Cesar D. Guinto, joined the trade of window tinting. Though his background was in sales and managing business, he humbly learned and practice this new adventure for the sole purpose of surviving and providing for his family in this new country. for the same reason, he managed to learned the different techniques used on different kinds of jobs, such as on commercial buildings, residential homes and even on automobiles.

Year 2001 was the year that our father would try to practice his business skills with his new trade and started a tinting business, after becoming familiar with the trade. Most of his clients have trusted him because of his attitude towards his work. He is hard working and has a very high regards for quality job. His clients can attest on that.

Today, we established this company based on those traits and high standards. It is our vision that his examples will be maintained, or even improve, and continue his legacy of giving quality satisfaction to clients.​